Our projects

We like to set the bar a little higher with every project, and we feel amazing when we succeed!

From Formula 1 to ROI calculation formula

Mastervolt makes a special contribution to the fleet of the VOLVO Ocean Race, the Formula 1 of sailing. Without wanting to be a sponsor, this company invested in activities and communication surrounding this prestigious event. But the big question was: does it make sense to invest in this event again.

Wet T-shirt Carwash Show in a European fashion

The International Carwash Association (ICA) has organized the Carwash Show in Las Vegas for many years now. US-style of course, with glamorous girls putting a shine on car bodies and visitors’ cheeks. There is a different climate in Europe, where the car wash systems are mechanical. The business climate is completely different too, so we were asked to think up a distinctive identity for the first-ever Carwash Show Europe in Amsterdam.

Immersive trade show experience generates spectacular effect

As a proposition, Green Sensation is as solid as they come. But as a compelling narrative, it’s a little on the technical side for your average trade show visitor. They are mainly on the look-out for new developments and eager to have a fun day. Fun was what fuelled the creative idea behind the trade show experience that gives visitors an eye-catching encounter with Green Sensation.

Trade show stand becomes recruitment machine

DOOR, one of the largest growers’ cooperatives in the Westland region, is used to showing fresh produce at trade shows in the Netherlands and abroad. But how does that translate to the challenge of organizing a permanent presentation at the World Horti Center? A trade show usually lasts no longer than a week: fruit and veg stay good that long, but bringing in a fresh weekly supply to stock a permanent stand is simply not an option.

For every 10 euros invested in trade shows, a return of 272 euros

VanRiet Material Handling Systems from Houten no longer believed in trade shows. The new stand – in the then new house style – was not really working, the three trade shows per year were a real drain on finances and no one dared speculate about the benefits. Several years on, we facilitate eight trade show participations per year worldwide, jointly generating 27.2 times more than they cost.